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It’s time to start decluttering! It might be time to move things around while keeping walkways clear of unnecessary items. If your client has balance or vision problems, then it might be beneficial to shift furniture around.
2. Easy Access to Belongings
We all hate it when items we need are out of reach and attempt to get it numerous time without success causing frustration and potential injury. Reduce the need to over extend yourself reaching for everyday items by ensuring they are easily accessible to you. To do this you might need to move items to lower shelves and move furniture out of the way of the refrigerator, dresser, and cabinets.
3. Reduce Fall Risks
Just as we mentioned decluttering, it is important to address fall risks. Falls should be prevented at all costs because they can lead to injury which in turn leads to a loss of independence. As you are decluttering your home make sure to clear the floor of any unnecessary items that might cause you trip. Additionally, make sure rugs are tapped down so you do not have to worry about your feet catching the corners causing a loss in balance.
4. Make Sure the Home is Well Lit
Darkness can make it hard to maneuver safely around your home. Lighten up the house by replacing any burned out light bulbs and plug in night lights around the home in order to help you see better at night. The easier you can see the less chance of an accidental injury.
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