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Staying Up to Date with Technology

Technology is advancing rapidly. While it can be especially challenging for older adults, new features also offer tools to enhance the livelihood of individuals and their caregivers. Here are 3 types of technology which can help older adults monitor their health, practice brain games, and even stay connected to their family!
These can be worn to track heart rhythms and vital signs, and there are plenty of options on the market. Certain devices can store information to be shared with physicians and many also include emergency buttons which can be valuable in the case of a fall, providing a sense of security.
A tablet or smartphone 
These can also provide entertainment in the form of daily news and gaming apps, such as crosswords, Sudoku, and Tetris which can be healthy for brain function and memory.
Skype or FaceTime (for Apple products)
Free and easy to access from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Utilizing this app is a wonderful way to help older adults stay connected to family, especially the younger generation who are tech-savvy and always on-the-go. Technology has made adding this special time into the weekly routine incredibly easy, and it is such a gift for all family members!